Heart Centered Therapy in Naples, FL

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Heart Centered Therapy is a dialoguing technique that embodies profound insight into the “Psychology of the Human Heart”. The vision and perspective of the heart has redefined our approach to healing.

HCT is a loving approach to spiritual-emotional healing that entrusts the voice of the heart to guide personal process to wholeness. Masterful dialogue techniques safely identify and transform unresolved emotion in the body, as well as related emotional disassociation and spiritual disconnection.

Kids engaged in heart centered therapy in Naples, FL


HCT achieves reintegration and healing through gentle, respectful process without reliving the trauma. Personal issues and conflict come to resolution through love, acceptance and transformation of the whole being. The healing includes not only the individual, but also everyone that has been involved in the trauma, embracing the immediate family, the family lineage and the collective consciousness.

The heart instinctively addresses everyone with equal regard and respect. From this loving space, we address the emotional component of ‘disease’, the related trauma, the immediate family, ancestral family, as well as identifying and clearing the spiritual emotional viruses that affect us individually and collectively.


“There is an Tibetan tradition that holds the belief, that at conception within the first 8 divisions of the ovum, a single cell of the mother’s genetic information is held behind the navel, and a single cell of the father’s genetic information becomes a part of the heart.

These two master cells are similar to the ovum in that they do not divide again once they come into creation. They live throughout our lives intact, as is, holding our maternal and paternal ancestral information firmly in place with all good intention and purpose to serve us. This is to ensure that our history is not lost.

As we connect to the mother and father master cells, we begin to notice that the traumas and behaviors we thought were ours alone are a part of a shared consciousness locked into the master cell.  The information is like a hard wire that keeps us in a unified family field of thought, behavior and beliefs.  There is a deep unconscious commitment to the beliefs, decisions, morals and survival strategies encoded in these cells.  It becomes like a family code of arms or a false signature of who we are collectively in this world and how we will survive.

We often hold this information as unbending truth, and may not even be aware of it, or ever question it.  Further, there seems to be an unconscious ancestral allegiance to this information regardless if it enhances or destroys our lives. This keeps us within the family resonance field that we are a part of. We carry the signature of the bloodline.

At times it may feel that these two cells are a direct connection to the living consciousness of our ancestors.  Using the Tibetan theory provides us with a map to explore this deep unconscious material.  What seems extremely important for liberation from ancestral limitation is collective agreement.  We have collectively agreed to and shared our suffering, and therefore we can agree to collectively heal and come to new agreements to thrive in love.

What I am experiencing is that this cell is so deeply connected to our ancestral line that it almost feels as if they were alive and still living, loving and struggling within us.  Their personal unmet needs and traumas have become ours, ours is theirs. Therefore, as we live out their decisions, strategies and trauma, we may believe that these decisions are coming from ourselves.

We might judge ourselves because we know in our hearts something is wrong. A behavior or thought is outside of whom we know ourselves to be.   We may act in ways that is not in accordance with our hearts and our integrity.  We may feel confused as our minds so nicely justify all our actions and may convince us that  we are right and there are no other options. This is the way it is.  We may believe this is who we are without question.

Being misdirected we can be deterred from connecting to our own Soul Purpose.

However, as we recognize the hard wired beliefs that limit us, the healing process begins.  Our spiritual connection is strengthened, and there is a deeper physical integration of Soul light in our bodies as the master cell is updated.

We begin to recognize that we are not alone in this.  We share this plight with our mothers and fathers and all their ancestors. It becomes clear that they too shared the trauma, pain and disruptive survival strategies that comprised their connection to their Souls as well.  If one is cut off from themselves, it may be an indication that the others including yourself have dissociated in similar ways.  This insight enables us to do a Collective Soul Retrieval that engages the whole family line.”

Alaya Chikly, Heart Center Therapy